A chance discovery helped me get over my EX. It makes me angry today when I think back at pain and frustration I went through till I learned how!"

"I downloaded [your 21-step program] yesterday and I'll tell you. For some reason it made me feel a lot better."

Thanks, Leo - New York, USA.
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From: Michael James - Date: Thu Dec 6, 2018
Los Angeles, CA.

I know getting divorced, separating or breaking up is HARD, frustrating and painful!

See, I once went through what you're probably going through right now.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Michael James and even though I am not a lawyer, psychologist or social worker for over 6 years I have run a support group for people getting over their relationship ending. In this time I have helped thousands of people.

From The Start You'll Notice Something Very Unusual...

When I got divorced I personally noticed something very unusual. I noticed that some people were getting through their divorce and separation much faster then me.

I found myself stagnating in pain. I was unable to get past the hurt of my marriage ending. I wanted to know WHY?

Why was it that some seemed to get over their relationship ending so much faster then others. At first I guessed it was that maybe the person getting over the pain was the "leaver" and the other was the "abandoned". But after a short time I found out that this was NOT the case.

In frustration, I started reading everything I could on the subject. Maybe this is the reason you found this site.

My Story - Your First Clue...

My story.

They say, "misery makes for some strange friendships" and I WAS miserable. I found myself spending time with other people going through the same thing as me. I also found myself looking for answers and the harder I tried the less it made sense.

I kept trying to analyze what had happened and playing out different outcomes in my head. I am sure you have done this as well. I wondered, "if I had done this", or maybe, "if I had said that". Things would be different today! Right?

Actually, wrong!

One day about 3 months after my marriage ended I found myself in an argument with a friend who was also getting divorced. She seemed to be dealing with everything a LOT better then me. What she said SHOCKED me!

She said, "YOU need a PLAN!". At first I didn't take what she said seriously. However, that night I watched infomercials as I couldn't sleep. It seemed that all "life-changes" were built around a PLAN. For example, the famous "7 Habits" to becoming successful, or the "12 weeks to a new body" and so on.

At first I didn't get it, I resisted. Suddenly, it all made SENSE!

So, what I needed was a plan but what kind of plan?

A Plan With A Destination - Your LIFE Back!

Well, I went back and started trying to see if there were any common steps these people that had taken to get over their divorce, breakup or separation faster then me and... BINGO! Pay dirt!

I was amazed. There WERE common steps and surprisingly once I started to unravel the steps things became very clear. I felt like I had struck "GOLD"!

I started writing them down the steps and researching them. I was excited. Things became very clear. These steps were like an "emotional path" to ending the pain.

For example, Step #1 is dealing with the fact that the relationship is OVER.

Now this sounds obvious but let me ask you, how often do you see couples that either;

1. Go back and forth between being together or being separated.
2. Live in HOPE that they will sort out their differences.
3. Or, never get over the fact their relationship is OVER ?

Don't you think they would benefit from a plan? And if they would WHY not YOU?

The Straightforward Answer...

Using all the lessons I learned the hard way I wrote, "Get Over Your Ex and Start Living!"

This report teaches you step-by-step what to say and do so that you finally start taking back control of your life after the disruption of a divorce or your separation. There are 21 steps that lead you by the hand from separation to overcoming grief to learning how to be single again.

It worked for me and others, now it's YOUR turn!

You will find out,

  • How to find emotional strength?
  • How to understand different types of feelings and make them work to your advantage?
  • How to deal with people - especially your Ex.
  • Ways to come to terms with your new situation.
  • Ways to cope with grief.
  • Find out how to become single again.
  • Finding your own emotional timetable.
And so much more!

You Can Now...

Leave this website, go and hunt for as much free information you can, and mostly be none the wiser.

Or You Can Get Started Right Away...

By purchasing my special Report you take a short cut to all the information. In fact, if you get my Report and it isn't everything I've told you it is you can request an immediate and full refund and I wont even ask you why.

Download and view "Get Over Your Ex and Start Living!"on your computer now or print it out for viewing offline. Either way, it can be in your hands in only a few minutes. Only available from this site, this special Report is not available in stores.

You can download this Report right now from this web site for U.S. $14.95

It took hundreds of hours to figure this stuff out. I read hundreds of dollars worth of books and spent hours talking to psychologists making sure I had my facts straight before I was willing to share what I knew. Fact is, you CAN have this information for a fraction of the cost or time it would take you to figure out just a few of the ideas!

"Thank you Michael for writing your Report. I thought I was going crazy going back and forth with my emotions. I found it helpful from the standpoint of finding emotional closure as the starting point to getting over my Ex."

An email from a satisfied customer that bought my Report!

If this program doesn't help you I don't want your money! In other words, this program comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee

At $14.95 "Get Over Your Ex and Start Living!" comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee. Read my special Report and try it Risk-Free. I can't make it any easier.

If within 45 days the steps aren't working for you I refund your money - you can keep my product FREE as my gift!

Now, you are probably wondering... Are there FREE Bonus Items?

Yes. Of course! I want to make sure you are delighted with this product by overdelivering.

When you order I include,

Special Bonus #1 - "Loneliness - Feeling cut out of life?" by Dr. Reena Sommer PhD. This handy Report provide some hints and tips for dealing feelings of loneliness. (Valued at $19)

Special Bonus #2 - "When your partner is CHEATING on You!" also by Dr. Reena Sommer PhD. This useful Report helps unlocks some of the KEYS to why some people cheat and it's NOT what you think! (Valued at $24)

Special Bonus #3 - "Are You Ready For A NEW Relationship?". This special and essential Report helps you determine if you are ready to start dating again AND if you meet that special someone... AND... are they RIGHT for you? (Valued at $24)

Bonus items and reports worth more than $67 -- Included FREE!

Now... What Are You Waiting For? Are You Ready To Order?

When you click the 'Order' button below, your browser will be taken to a secure order page for your credit card information. To ensure your order information is kept completely confidential only the processing company has access to your credit card information. You will get an e-mailed receipt for your buy.

Once your credit card is approved, you will be taken to a special download page with specific steps to download this Report. This downloadable Report comes in Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF format which is free. Adobe Acrobat Reader is available across all computer platforms. You probably already have it on your computer. If not, the download page will show you where you can download Adobe Acrobat Reader.

The whole process should take only a few minutes (depending on your modem speed) and you'll be reading my special Report in minutes. My system is automatic, you can order anytime. Yes, even at 3:00 a.m. in the morning.

The next step is yours.

You know what you will receive.

You understand that there is an 45 day, money-back guarantee.

So, there is no risk.

Go ahead and click that order link below.


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ONLY $14.95 (today) - GREAT VALUE and with over $67 in Bonus Items and Reports.

Final Thoughts...

This special Report and included bonus Reports can REALLY help starting now. Whatever you decide, I wish you luck!

Warmly, Michael James -- Los Angeles, CA

P.S. -- Take the first step right away. You have nothing to lose!

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What if I order and for some reason this book just doesn't work for me?

Answer: I rarely get people asking for refunds. Mostly I get 'thank you' emails. But should you be unhappy with your purchase or if for some reason it doesn't work for you...or even if you are not delighted FOR ANY REASON...please, I WANT you to get ask for a refund. In fact, you have a full 45 days before you have to decide. Could I make this any more fair?

Question: Can I find this information for free on the Internet?

Answer: I adore finding free stuff on the net but even if you find a little bit here or there you won't have the whole picture. I spent hundreds of hours figuring this stuff out... isn't your time worth something?

Question: Can I purchase a hardcopy of this book?

Answer: No. This book is currently available as a download only. You can print it out if you choose.

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Answer: Yes. Adobe PDF files are portable and can be read and printed from a Mac.

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Answer: Yes. We only use the world's leading 3rd party credit card payment security technology from Equifax, with 256-bit encryption which is the same security as used by Bank websites. It is secure, very secure!

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Question: How about a money back guarantee?

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